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The girl who spends too much…
My New Coat! Yay Winter!

My New Coat! Yay Winter!

So I got paid on Monday. YAY! I was dissapointed to be reminded that my hagwon takes out 200,000 won for the first 2 months for some apartment fee. BOOO! On top of that tomorrow I’ll be transferring half of my check to my parents to cover student loans, credit card fees, and to pay back Brazil. This responsible adult thing is not sitting well with me. So expensive. On top of that I’ve got a cell phone bill coming and my utilities bills. Apparently you can not pay for like 3 months before they turn anything off…I’m not saying I’m going to explore that option…I’m just saying. The worst part is that I found this great little shop called Commonwealth something. It’s just the kind of shop that I love. The kind you’d find in Lil’ 5 in Atlanta. I spent 100 bucks there. I know I know. I don’t even have any money. But there was this dress on Friday and this jacket Today…and okay no excuses. But really I was pursuaded by the supurb English of the girl behind the counter. I think we’ll end up partying together.

Drop it like its hot. 2005. Ya Heard!"

New Hoodie:

On another note, my kids all think I’m fat and badly dressed. Well not all, but last week one kid told me I looked like I was pregnant, and one whole class screamed “Jenny teacher, we hate your passion.” Passion meaning fashion. They told me this on a day when I was just wearing a black cotton baby-doll dress and black tights- by the far the most uninteresting outfit ever. Apparently my dress was too short. I don’t really understand, but Korean kids definitely have a different sense of fashion than Americans. Everything I wear is just wrong and makes me look like an ajumma (old lady), even when I’m only wearing jeans and a polo. Anything mildly conservative is considered old fashioned. J-Crew and Banana would not do well with the young ppl here. (Let me also point out that my most recent hoodie addition actually says: Dirty South. Drop it like its hot. 2005. Ya heard!”

On the weekend I just did the same old thing and hung out with Danny. We watched Step Brothers (which he thought was funny but I thought was retarded) and Saw V (which we both agreed was a waste of time). We also went to a pool hall and played some pool. He won 2 and I won 1 in the last second. The next day he took me to CoEx mall at Samsung-dong. It was big and fun, and a lot like an American style mall. There were so many cool shops and American shoe stores, so I think I’ll be returning there next paycheck to by some Chuck Taylors because I need some sneakers like woah. Actually I need shoes, but you can’t buy shoes ove ra size 7 here, so basically I’m screwed.

As usual I had my Korean lessons on Sunday (my Saturday lessons have been taken over by Danny), and afterwards my tutor took me to a really tasty Mexican restuarant called Dos Tacos (near Gangnam station). I was so nice to have a burrito. I had a shrimp and potato burrito that I’m still dreaming about. It’s expensive though, in my opinion. $7.50 for my burrito. But then again, they do have to import all that cheese.

Next weekend I’m going to see Eagle Eye with Danny. We know its old, but we’ve been meaning to go see it for ages. I’m suprised its even still in the theaters. Before that I”m heading down to an army base near Suwon to meet Sung Min. YAY! He’s been calling me for the past few days, and its really interesting trying to communicate with him via phone. His typing English skills are pretty okay, but his speaking skills are…not terrible..but a little bit hard to understand. I’m not sure he understood even half of our 15 minute conversation. He was like “I’m so excited. I’ll practice my English before you come. You’re the first American I’ve ever met!” Hahahha. It’s a lot of pressure for me. What if I suck and he hates America forever. I’ll try to do my country proud.

Anyway, I’m bout to go to work. I’ll talk to ya’ll later.


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holy shit i want that hoodie.

Comment by brazil

hahah yea…thats the kinda thing you could only find in south korea….and dude it was only like 3 bucks!

Comment by thetruththusfar

I want your hoodie as well….find me something with Player on it.

Comment by Player

man my cousin doesn’t even know what a burrito is. pleeease (also i told my mom about the marrying my 2nd cousin thing and she was like, what’s wrong with that? apparently he’s not even considered to be a cousin in the chinese view) ok my last comment- eww you and dae-hyuk are gonna marry. the end.

Comment by roomie

A language genius deserves to buy some expensive clothes and wear them. haha

Comment by Ajjussi

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