The Truth Thus Far

Hello, Soldier!
Hey there, Soldier! ;)

uThis weekend I went to Suwon, again…for a couple of reasons (or shall we say Koreans) actually. First, I was set to meet Sung Min at his military base. I was a little nervous that his English speaking skills would make it too difficult for us to communicate, and so I backed a box of Dunkin Doughnuts to try and keep him occupied during my stay. Suwon is a good 2 hours subway ride away, then a 20 minute wait for a cab at Suwon station, and finally a 20 minute cab ride ($8) to the base. When I arrived all I could see was two heavily armed soldiers in their camo military coats and a almost dilapidated white house. Following Sung Min’s directions, I hesitantly entered the building to see before me some shabby, granny-looking curtains and a dozen or so families gathered with their home-sick sons for a quick weekend visit. To the right of me was a small desk, seated at it was one soldier. I pointed to my piece of paper with Sung Min’s name on it and the guy behind the counter took my passport and tried avoiding eye contact with me. He quickly called his English speaking solider friend (who was followed by a few eager soldiers, excited to see a foreigner for the first time in years) to ask me a few basic questions. All of them marveled as they read my the name I’d written on the piece of paper in front of them, they read my english name…they giggled a little. Then they looked at me like they wanted to ask a question but were far too afraid. “Nevermind,” they laughed bashfully, and turned away.

korea-303-1I waited, awkwardly standing in the corner nearest the desk, while Sung Min took his time. When he finally arrived he seemed absolutely terrified. He’d told me over the phone just an hour before that he was really really nervous because I was the first foreigner he’d ever met. He sort of paced around a bit, looking at the full meeting room, and decided it’d be best to take me back to his room to meet his roomies (who had all declined to join him in meeting me because they were too afraid of me! haha). So when I got to the room they literally screamed “Omo!” They shrieked and then they all started laughing. I got a few “Hellos” and the rest just kinda smiled at me but were far too afraid to talk. It was pretty adorable. One of them gave me an ice cream cup and I just kinda sat there trying to come up with things to say to Sung Min. His English was much better than I expected. It was such a relief. Plus, one of his roomies (the one in the picture with the bright light reflecting off of his jacket) really wanted to practice his English with me. He could really only say “What is your name.” “Where are you from.” etc.

After a bit Sung Min walked me around the base. It was rough, and reminded me that Korea isn’t quite the “first world.” I forget sometimes that its technically still developing because Seoul is so high-tech and awesome, but the base was an eye-opener. It was literally 2 dormitories, a church, a convenience store and some run-down tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. Sung Min repeated over and over again how much he hated it there. He’s got 6 months left though! Ah. I left an hour and a half after arriving, but I’ll visit them again. They look so bored its sad, and so I wanna be able to at least help break the monotony.

After leaving I went to Suwon station to see a movie with Danny. We saw “Blindness.” Just….don’t see it. It’s not terrible, but it is mildly retarded. Plus, I had to pee the entire time, but Korean movie watchers are so intense so I was a little afraid to stand up and go out. After the movie we had dinner and frozen yogurt, and then parted ways again.

Lien, ain't I cute?


Sunday started out as business as usual. I met Min Hye for Korean lessons, and then waited for about 2.5 hours to meet these university students who needed me to help them with a project. They met me in Itaewon the only time I ever went there. I was coming out of the bathroom and they asked if they could interview me for class. I guess I gave a good interview so they called me again. It was pretty fun, but they were a little quiet at first…it got less awkward as the night went on. We went out for boil fish…like you eat pieces of meat off of a whole fish. It was delicious, but really difficult for me to eat with chopsticks. I felt retarded, because normally I’m so good at chopsticks. Anyway, I ate some stuff I couldnt recognize, but I didnt ask what it was cuz it might make me sick to know. Then they took me to this cafe called Free Cafe (can’t remember the Korean name). It was SOOO cute and fancy. We had $7 Bubble Tea’s and I got a free fortune telling. I’m not into that stuff AT ALL, but they ordered it for me as a surprise. The guy didnt touch me or anything so it was okay I guess. He just looked up some stuff in a book.



My fortune was pretty bad a$$. Apparently I’m gonna be a student for awhile and eventually get my PhD. I’m apparently really smart haha. I’m great at teaching so I’ll become a professor. I’ll get married to a guy that’s born in 1982 or 1983, and he WON’T be a friend. He’ll be someone from work. So LIEN that means I WILL NOT BEING MARRYING DANNY!!!! (what about “just friends” do people not understand…you too falco!) We’ll have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. The only thing I didn’t like is that I’m supposta be 32 when I get married, and that’s a little old in my opinion. So I decided not to believe that part. OH and also the guy said (parents close your eyes) that my husband and I will have great sex. The Koreans started giggling like mad when the fortune teller guy said that but I didnt know what they were laughing at as I was still waiting for the translation. They could barely tell me the fortune teller said that…but hahahha…what a funny thing to say.

Power Ball!

Power Ball!

Afterwards we went to a sticker photo shop and took sticker photos. They are MAD on that stuff in Korea. Like the beepin LOVE IT. It was crazy in that machine but so much fun. Then, we parted ways.

Now tomorrow is back to work…blah. It’s our last week with the group of kids and 9:30 endings…but I’ll tell you about how my hagwon managed to make my job worse later. I’ll update soon.



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i dont know why i added the facial hair to that one guy…but he just looks like he should have it…

Comment by thetruththusfar

holy smokes. i thought it was real!! hahahaha

Comment by roomie

I’m a fan of the silly facial hair… We did no-shave november here at work, and the guys all looked ridiculous. Then they shaved and looked even more ridiculous, with their mustaches and fu manchus…
I really wish you were here, because there’s a lot of stuff going on in my life and you would at least make it funny, if not better. Miss you.

Comment by Brazil

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