The Truth Thus Far

The girl who spends too much…
My New Coat! Yay Winter!

My New Coat! Yay Winter!

So I got paid on Monday. YAY! I was dissapointed to be reminded that my hagwon takes out 200,000 won for the first 2 months for some apartment fee. BOOO! On top of that tomorrow I’ll be transferring half of my check to my parents to cover student loans, credit card fees, and to pay back Brazil. This responsible adult thing is not sitting well with me. So expensive. On top of that I’ve got a cell phone bill coming and my utilities bills. Apparently you can not pay for like 3 months before they turn anything off…I’m not saying I’m going to explore that option…I’m just saying. The worst part is that I found this great little shop called Commonwealth something. It’s just the kind of shop that I love. The kind you’d find in Lil’ 5 in Atlanta. I spent 100 bucks there. I know I know. I don’t even have any money. But there was this dress on Friday and this jacket Today…and okay no excuses. But really I was pursuaded by the supurb English of the girl behind the counter. I think we’ll end up partying together.

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