The Truth Thus Far

Yea, we noreBANGed all night long

(muchos fotos aqui)

my phone!

my phone!

The weekend is OVER. sigh. So terrible.The idea of going back to work tomorrow makes me a little sad. i don’t HATE my job, but i don’t love it either. Sooo many hours….in a row…no breaks…so many loud kids. ah. Tomorrow i teach phonics too, my youngest class. it’s mostly just screaming and me covering my ears and hiding in the corner.

My weekend was really fun though…although i feel like without a three day holiday weekends are really just saturday and then nap/recovery day. On saturday I GOT A PHONE!!! some random guy from one of my language exchange websites helped me set it up. Literally, the first time I ever met him in person, he got a phone for me. he didn’t pay for it (don’t worry ^^;;) but in order for me to have a monthly plan a korean had to put it under their name. Anyway, he really saved the day and my phone is totally boss. It’s fully equipped with an english-korean dictionary and an interactive subway map (which is SO useful). It’s like the only phone in Korea without television though, but I don’t mind since I can’t understand Korean tv anyway.

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