The Truth Thus Far

Hello, Soldier!


Hey there, Soldier! ;)
uThis weekend I went to Suwon, again…for a couple of reasons (or shall we say Koreans) actually. First, I was set to meet Sung Min at his military base. I was a little nervous that his English speaking skills would make it too difficult for us to communicate, and so I backed a box of Dunkin Doughnuts to try and keep him occupied during my stay. Suwon is a good 2 hours subway ride away, then a 20 minute wait for a cab at Suwon station, and finally a 20 minute cab ride ($8) to the base. When I arrived all I could see was two heavily armed soldiers in their camo military coats and a almost dilapidated white house. Following Sung Min’s directions, I hesitantly entered the building to see before me some shabby, granny-looking curtains and a dozen or so families gathered with their home-sick sons for a quick weekend visit. To the right of me was a small desk, seated at it was one soldier. I pointed to my piece of paper with Sung Min’s name on it and the guy behind the counter took my passport and tried avoiding eye contact with me. He quickly called his English speaking solider friend (who was followed by a few eager soldiers, excited to see a foreigner for the first time in years) to ask me a few basic questions. All of them marveled as they read my the name I’d written on the piece of paper in front of them, they read my english name…they giggled a little. Then they looked at me like they wanted to ask a question but were far too afraid. “Nevermind,” they laughed bashfully, and turned away.

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