The Truth Thus Far

“I love black people skin!”
Yes We Did!

Yes We Did!

Wa, 50CS Teacher! Waaaa! As my students would say to show their disapproval (generally only used when I’m singing or telling a bad joke). Now I’m saying WA! because I’ve really dropped the ball lately on this whole updating thing. I have been a little busy, but no excuses. Mostly I’m just too lazy. Hmm…so what’s happened recently.

Well…I now have a least a little faith in my county. OBAMA F’in DID IT! I stayed up all night checking his stats, and woke up early in the morning to watch some election madness. Only I was disappointed because they were playing some stupid children’s cartoon on AFN (American Forces Network), the only channel that is completely in English. I screamed a little and spent an hour trying to find somewhere to watch the election stuff online. I finally settled for the constant refreshing of I was pleased with what I saw. Finally at about 11am AFN started playing ABC news. By about 12:50 Korea time I was told that Obama was my new president. I screamed so loud I’m sure I worried the neighbors. I cried every time they showed a Black person on television, and I started feeling a bit homesick. No one to scream with. No one could really understand my feelings. I’m the only Black teacher at my hagwon (i think…although their may or may not be a black/korean guy in my office), and one of a few Americans. I instantly called Falco and we screamed together a bit.

It was such an emotional day. I contemplated calling in sick to work…taking a “YAY! Black people!” day, but in the end I just toughed it out. It was nice though, because all of the kids were so excited that Obama won. Since I was Black they made it a point to bring it up every moment of the day. “Jenny teacher, I love Black people skin. You…Obama. Yay! Black people!” or as one 7 year old said “Obama win. Black people sooo happy.” The general mood in S. Korea is that Obama winning is absolutely a good thing. As my kids told me, Mccain is bald. They don’t dig the baldies too much here. But many are worried about Obama’s proposed Open Trade policy with Korea. They live off of their exports, and if those drop then they are in trouble. Personally I think they’ll be f***ed for a while, but in the long run a strong American economy is best for them too. But then again…what do I know.

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