The Truth Thus Far

About Moi

안녕하세요! 제니입니다.

<— That’s me.

I’m a mildly better dressed version of a dirty, granola eating hippie. Fear of: escalators, poultry, lock jaw, and decapitation. Music addict. Internet junkie. Rents any movie with a “Cannes Film Festival” logo on the cover. Academic elitist (despite my best efforts towards the contrary). Grassroots lover. Die hard Couchsurfer. Wannabe localvore. Possibly a novelist. And as of late…an ESL teacher in Korea.

Brazil says I should write a book called “Things that happen to 50CentSeoul that don’t happen to anyone else.” I’m starting a blog instead. Something interesting will happen to me eventually…probably. Don’t worry.

If for any reason you want to get in contact with me…do it. You can email me at I’ll try to respond to everyone, but sometimes I get lazy.


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