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Yea, we noreBANGed all night long

(muchos fotos aqui)

my phone!

my phone!

The weekend is OVER. sigh. So terrible.The idea of going back to work tomorrow makes me a little sad. i don’t HATE my job, but i don’t love it either. Sooo many hours….in a row…no breaks…so many loud kids. ah. Tomorrow i teach phonics too, my youngest class. it’s mostly just screaming and me covering my ears and hiding in the corner.

My weekend was really fun though…although i feel like without a three day holiday weekends are really just saturday and then nap/recovery day. On saturday I GOT A PHONE!!! some random guy from one of my language exchange websites helped me set it up. Literally, the first time I ever met him in person, he got a phone for me. he didn’t pay for it (don’t worry ^^;;) but in order for me to have a monthly plan a korean had to put it under their name. Anyway, he really saved the day and my phone is totally boss. It’s fully equipped with an english-korean dictionary and an interactive subway map (which is SO useful). It’s like the only phone in Korea without television though, but I don’t mind since I can’t understand Korean tv anyway.

Now I’m mostly just jealous of everyone’s PMP (personal media device..i’d like to just call it pimp). My friend Dae Hyuk (or Danny) that I met this weekend has one, and it made our 1 hour bus ride from Gangnam station sooo much better. We just watch Friends the whole way. Although I must mention that he had High School Musical 2 and Kung Fu Panda (which he admitted to having watched twice) saved on it too. No comment. Endless teasing. “Zac Efron is the coolest.” Direct quote. I kid you NOT. I guess I’m jumping ahead a little…lets backtrack.

here are the photos for the events that follow.

So after I met up with Sang Seng to get my phone, I almost immediately left to chill with Dae Hyuk. Dae Hyuk is my Korean friend who studied in Canada for 1 year and was transformed into a gangsta by his Chinese-Canadian friend. I kid you NOT he says “yo” at least every other word, and the other day even interjected a “you got beef with me” into an actual conversation. We’d been talking on skype like every day for weeks now, so it was reallye xciting to finally meet up in person. He was exactly the same as in our phone conversations, which is good because it meant that I could kid around with him a lot still and his English is absolutely the BEST so far. I don’t even have to slow down my talking speed or erase all slang when talking, and he’s only really been studying English for the past 2 years…it’s mad crazy “yo, eh” as he would say.

So he treated me to some DELICIOUS noodles with delicious spicy seafood in it..mmm…i can still remember it. So delicious! Then we walked around Myung Bung haha…or whatever its called..(I keep forgetting) for a bit. It’s a HUGE overcrowded market with tons of American shops like “Forever 21” but also a $#!+ ton of little stands where you could buy an entire outfit for $10 (10,000W). We got a little bored of walking around, so we sat down and had some fresh buble tea. Mmm… he almost ordered me kiwi and killed me, but I stopped him just in time and went for a refreshing peach. We sat at a table and talked for almost 2 hours about a wide range of personal stuff and then headed off for Suwon (to go visit Aju University, where he goes to uni.) He’s 23 but (because of military service and study in Canada) he’s only a sophomore (English literature major).

When we got there we just walked around his university a bit but it had gotten MAD cold. Well…not like winter cold, but like I should brought a proper jacket cold. So on our way to his room to get me a sweatshirt we ran into Sexy Sung Jin. Backstory: Whenever I chat with Dae Hyuk his roomie, Sung Jin (who is 19), is sitting next to him. So joking I’m always like “Agi (baby), talk to me.” or “Where’s Sexy Sung Jin.” “I can’t wait to meet Sung Jin.” etc etc. I don’t know how that started, but it did and I’m more than happy to continue the ongoing joke. Sung Jin speaks almost no English, so he usually just understand the words SEXY or AGI…so I occassionally have Dae Hyuk teach me some funny Korean phrases like “Come to me, baby.” etc etc. Sung Jin was far too afraid to actually meet me, as he told Dae Hyuk. So we end up accidentally running into Sexy Sung Jin!! He was so scared, he nearly just made a run for it. I screamed, in my loud American voice, “AGI! SEXY SUNG JIN-A” hahaha. Poor Sung Jin. He just gave a polite bow and kept walking.



So after our brief encounter with my agi, Dae Hyuk and I went for a bite to eat again. This time I had kimchi stew and he had some other kind of stew. YUMMY! When we finished we headed to a bar and ate tasty Korean bar snacks (yea a lot of food) like fish cakes, salted dried squid (which is SOOO good…it tastes like a variation of beef jerky), and fries (a little slice of Americana). Then, Falco called and wanted to chill, and since she lives kind of near there she stopped by and we all went to norebang (singing room). NO-RE-BAAANG! If I remember correctly we sang a variety of songs from Big Bang’s “Lies” to “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. My favorites were “Your Body is a Wonderland” and “I”ll Make Love to You” by Boys to Men. This time we even busted out the tambourines that the norebang supplies FOR FREE! When we finished it was nearly 1am but Falco didn’t wanna hit the sack yet, so we all headed to NOW bar in Suwon for some drinks, darts, and pool.

i'm so BOSS at darts

i'm so BOSS at darts...almost a bullseye

It was almost empty, although Falco assures us that its normally packed. That was fine though. We met a Koran guy who grew up in Ecuador, an Inuit (who explained to me that in Inuit language Haagen Das is how you say goodbye) ninja, and a Black guy from France. They were all a little over the top, but it made the night

yea, boy!

yea, boy!

interesting, I guess. Dae Hyuk drank too much, and since he’s allergic to beer he broke out in hives and turned BRIGHT red. So we left the bar early…at 5:30am…he went to his home and I slept over at Falco’s. We didn’t actually hit the sack until 6am and I woke up at 10am to get ready to go to my Korean lessons (which i was late for…again. my tutor was PISSED). That was my weekend other than the fact that I bought a new sweater for 10 bucks the Gangnam subway station.

Now I’m sleep as all beep and ready to hit the sack.

More bloggin next time. Ciao.



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