The Truth Thus Far

What’s with Koreans and….
(disclaimer: these are just observations…i think think korean culture is fascinating, but sometimes it just cracks me up.)

1. Hiking gear. I can’t even tell you how many ajummas and ajusshis I’ve seen sporting full out hiking gear. I’m talking hiking boots, the oh so famous visor, full on hiking clothes, water bottle backpacks…the whole deal. I just don’t get it. I know there’s a few mountains around here, but there’s no way in hell that 7 out of 8 ajummas are going hiking on any given day.

2. Couples outfits. Okay, I knew about the Koreans and their couple outfits but its soooooo much lamer in person. Couples wearing matching shoes. Couples wearing matching tshirts with teddy bears on them. Couples wearing jeans, a Polham hoodie, and matching Chucks. Its just too wrong. SO WRONG. I’m all for doing as the natives do..but thats just flat out crossing the line.

3. Boys caring girls’ purses. As Kyle from work said “There are the boys who carry girls purses and the boys who **** the girls with purses. Never the twain shall mix.” In America if your girl makes you carry her purse you’re a little b****. Or as Mr. Williams would say, “You’ve been WIFED.” Wiped. That’s all I have to say about Korean men. I get it. It’s a nice gesture. But matching outfits and the purse…I can’t help but wanna tease you relentlessly. How did u let this happen. It’s not China. There’s no massive shortage of women. You dont’ have to do this. YOU DONT HAVE TO. Also, Falco let a guy carry her purse. I just have to point this out. I just have to.

4. Pencil Cases. No really. Pencil cases? One of the 13 year old boys in one of my classes has a baby blue pencil case with bunnies and flowers are all over it. I said “노는게!” Which I think translates into “You are gay.” And he was like “Teacher, you wanna fight?” So i told him to step to the front of the classroom and put his fists up. I stood there in ready stance, but the little punk backed down haha. As my friend Ashley from Australia said- “You’re really teaching them some progressive ways aren’t you, 50CS”. Yes I am. All those years a womens college are finally paying off haha. Anyway, Koreans are mad on pencil cases….especially the girls (but not excluding the boys). One of their prizes for doing their homework is a pencil cases…those kids would die for one. You’d have to AT LEAST give an American kid money or movie tickets or something.

5. Choreographed dancing. The love it. Walking down the street, a popular song comes on, choreographed dancing. In a night club boys step to the middle and then choreographed dancing. Same Name told me that at one club she went to a group of about 6 guys did some choreographed moves for a good 20 minutes straight, ignoring all girls that stared their way. Which leads me to…

6. Step Up 2. I don’t know either. But I’ve heard it mentioned more times than necessary. More people have mentioned to me than Americans that actually went to see the movie in the theaters…or could sit through it when they rented it.

7. The 80’s. You thought the 80’s were back State Side? PSSSH! It’s NOTHING compared to the Korean hipsters. Reeboks. REEBOK! When was the last time you’ve ever even heard that name. I kid you not, it has to be the most popular shoe on the market along with air force ones and various versions of nike street wear. Skinny jeans- but not just for the emo kids. Korean young men, a lot of whom are much more petite and girlish figured than your average American boy, look a lot more feminine in skinny jeans. It usually doesnt help that they are also wearing low vneck shirts. Although I must admit, I like the Koreans being mad on hats.

8. Murses. The man purse is all the rage. I get it though, it’s practical. I’m also adjusting to it. But for the first few weeks it was just too Ryan Seacrest for me.

9. The closet. You’ll meet the gayest person of your ENTIRE LIFE and they will be with their wife/girlfriend. The absolute GAYEST. Like more than Ryan Seacrest. More than Clay Aiken. I’m talking Carson Cresly (sp) from Queer Eye gay. Perez Hilton gay. GAAAAY. Yet if they ever admitted it I’d give you a million bucks. The other thing is that girls still have crushes on them. Take SuperJunior (the boy band). They can practically make out on national television and all the girls are like “they are so cute.” Gaydar hasn’t kicked in here…AT ALL. Although, I must admit that some of my male Korean friends think SuJu are absolute homos. Also, I’ve seen a good deal of future MoHo’s here that will come out as soon as they study abroad (and a broad. haha)

10. Having one haircut that never changes. If your a boy- the SHINEE cut. If you’re a girl- BANGS. Then everyday it never changes. Same Name went from having curly hair to straight hair (via flat iron) and the Korean girls on my floor were so confused.


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dude, we used to have those pencil cases when i was a kid in brazil!!!!! there’s a sharpener, ruler, eraser, all that in there. and two sides for pencils and erasers and they close with magnets. holy blast from the past batman!!!
now, i never thought that brazil and korea had much in common, but whatevs haha.
please make a vocab post. sometimes you mention words in korean and im lost. and too lazy to look it up. i miss you!!!

Comment by brazil

you mean you never had one of the awesome pencil boxes? geez roomie you really have come a long way. lol.

Comment by roomie

I can’t believe they really match! As a fashionista in training…i’m speechless! Appalled even! blahhh!

Comment by wheezy

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