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“Here.” “What is this?” “Gum for you!”
October 7, 2008, 4:48 am
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the gum

the gum

So I’m at the subway stop at Hongdae waiting for Falco (I”d been waiting for a good hour, mind you), when the guy turns around and goes “Oh!”…he was shocked to see me standing there. “America? High five. Hello. What’s up. High five.” So I give him a high five and say hello, and he’s absolutely gleaming. He doesn’t stick around or anything he just starts almost skipping off towards the subway entrance. Then he just turns around and comes back, takes out a bottle, and tells me to open my hands. “Here,” he said. “What is this?” I replied. “Gum. For you.” Yup…he gave me two pieces of gum. For no reason! Oh, Korea.

me and falco

me and falco

This past weekend was CRAZY. That’s the only way I can describe it. I had plans to meet up with Falco on Saturday, grab a bite, and then go off to a party in Itaewon where we’d meet a few foreign teachers from my job. When I got to the subway station where I was supposed to meet Falco, she wasn’t there. So I reach in my bag to get my handy-dandy-notebook and like a genius I’d forgotten to bring. That meant no Falco number and no foreign teachers’ in Itaewon numbers. #@*&! I panicked a little…well as much as someone as chill as myself panics. I decided I’d wait for 1 hour and then head down to a PC room to see if I could find Won Seok Oppa’s or Falco’s phone number. An hour went by, and no Falco. So I headed East in search of a PC Room…instead, I found Falco waiting at the WRONG EXIT! Grr! I’d said exit 4, but she was just patiently waiting at Exit 2.

So we went to a PC room and luckily Won Seok Oppa was online. I forced him into saying he’d hang out with us, as to save the night I’d ruined with forgetting my phone numbers. He acquiesced and we decided to meet in Bundang (like WAAAY south Seoul…actually it’s not even considered Seoul I don’t think) to go clubbing with him and some of his friends. All we had to do was NOT miss the last train.

ness eating noodles

ness eating noodles

So after a delicious dinner and some soju at one of those cute Korean restaurants where they make you take off

me with chopsticks

me with chopsticks

your shoes we decided to head down to Bundang. We didn’t want to miss the last train. On the way, I suggested we see if I could find a new pair of leggings because mine had ripped…it took at total of 10 minutes to find, and then we hopped on a train. It was about 11:15 by now. The subway, we thought, stopped running at 12. So, since we were already on a train we thought that meant we were in the clear. We were talking so much we missed a transfer and had to figure out an alternate route. By 11:45 we were at our last transfer station. Hope on this train and then we’re almost there. But…as we pull up..the last train WAS LEAVING!!! Another &%#@ !

We tried catching a bus but couldn’t figure out the bus system and no one spoke English. We were both too far from home for it to be worth it to catch a cab solo, so we decided to just catch a cab to Bundang and split the fair. The only catch was that we’d literally have to party ALL NIGHT…which we could do. So 20,ooo won later (20 bucks) we were there. Cabs are SOO cheap here. Only about 10 bucks each and we’d traveled for over 20 minutes.

When we arrived Won Seok Oppa was there with Ajusshi and about 4 other guys. Only Won Seok Oppa and Ajusshi could speak a comfortable amount of English…the others could just mumble a few words…it was interesting. We went nightclub hoping and finally found one that suited us. We danced. WE DANCED so hard…and for like hours and hours and hours..which I normally find impossible. It was sooo much fun. Won Seok Oppa is actually a great dancer and so were a few of his friends…which is awesome since most of the guys in there were a little awkward..maybe just because it was such a sausage fest in there. (Also, what was up with there being like 5 Black guys in there? Where’d they come from? )

Won Seok Oppa and one of his friends gave us some examples of how Korean girls dance versus American girls. The Korean girl one was all sweet and innocent…a little rocking back and forth. American girls…ahahhahahaha….were like freakin it. Ness and I were dying of laughter. So funny. Then we showed them a few American classics like “Shopping Cart” “Sprinkler” “Lawn Mower” and “Hop Scotch.” We took it back Middle School style.

Anyway…we ended up going back to Falco’s (in Suwon) to hang out some more… We were up until about 9am the next day. So I had to take the 2 hour train back to Nowon by myself. AHh. so miserable. Since I was further out from the city..being Black was a much bigger deal. EVERYONE was staring. Like completely turned around staring at me. I just went to sleep. Then, home, korean lessons (which i was late for and actually missed), hanging out at the language cafe till 10:30pm, and then home. Chatting on the internet till 2…then sleep. Mount Holyoke trained me to not need sleep.

Anyway, that was my weekend. This weekend I’m meeting Dae Hyuk for some karaoke and lunch. Later, I’m meeting Won Seok Oppa for dinner and some discussion about which university he should attend in America.

Ok. The end.



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