The Truth Thus Far

“You can’t be American…you’re not Black like 50CS Teacher.”
Reading (13 yrs old) Class

Reading (13 yrs old) Class

The kids are officially confused. I think it’ll be my task next week to explain multiculturalism to them. The other day they told Jen Teacher that she couldn’t be American because she wasn’t Black like me. Jen tried to explain that America has all types of people, but I”m not quite sure they get it. It makes sense though. Chinese people live in China, Japanese in Japan, and Koreans in Korea. So they can’t quite grasp the idea of everyone living together. It’s just nonsense to them. Eventually! Eventually they’ll get it.

The students are also very violent. Example. I asked them to think of essay topics so I could do an example essay outline on the board…they went with…

How to kill their president and 3 reasons why Korea should drop a nuclear bomb on Japan.

Anyway, this weekend is a wonderful 3 day one. I had Friday off for Open Sky day or something like that. It’s a creation folklore about when a god opened up the sky and dropped people down…I think. I wish there was a Closed Sky Day so we could get that off too.

You are her. Philosophical subway map.

You are her. Philosophical subway map.

Yesterday I tried to get a phone…again…mission failed. Then I went to Itaewon (the foreigners district) to have a looksee. I’d heard it was nice from a few foreign teachers. LIES! It’s a piece of $#!+ area with a bunch of tourists and foreigners that apparently have no urge to immerse themselves in real Korean culture. I saw my first Black person since I’ve arrived. I saw a good number…maybe 10..walking around. 9 of them were African. 2 of them old and creepy and hitting on me. I left the area fast, but the market does have A LOT of good fakes and cheap clothes. It was just too….touristy for me.

Then I went to meet another friend from livemocha. I got there super early because I tired of Itaewon so early that I had plenty of time before I was supposed to meet my friend. We were meeting in Hongdae with is much nicer and much less touristy. It’s near a university so there are plenty of young people, outdoor restaurants, and live music venues. I sat around and watched some university performance. Koreans are mad on their choreographed dancing (like guys even do that in nightclubs). They study every move of the music videos. I think its a little lame, but its cute.

Dancing to Lee Hyroi’s “U GO GIRL”

Dancing to Tae Yang (of Big Bang)

Won Seok Oppa breakin it down.

Won Seok Oppa breakin it down.

Even though my friend was about 45 minutes late, we had a great time. Finally, someone who is taller than me! No pads in his shoes! He used to be a break dancer, but now he’s concentrating on school. Won Seok Oppa bought me first shot of soju. It was a let down. It tastes like really watered down vodka, but its still about 35% alcohol. I don’t understand how people down like 3 bottles all alone in K-dramas. He invited his friend, who I just called Ajusshi all night, and we drank and ate cheesy, seafood spicy rice cakes. They paid (yes!) and then we went to a norebang (노레방) or karaoke room to sing till our hearts were content. Won Seok Oppa can really dance and we all had fun. It’s really cool though because you get a private room and you can just be silly without anyone being able to watch the madness.

Oppa is the guy with the hat and “Broken Daniel Henney” (as Oppa called Ajusshi) is the other guy.

We had so much fun that we forgot to pay attention to the time. The last train leaves at midnight, and yesterday it left without me on it. Oppa and Ajusshi (as I called them all night) ran around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find a way for me to get home. Finally they found the last bus, quickly told the bus driver where I was going (in Korean) and then pushed me on. They waved goodbye and I screamed “WHERE DO I GET OFF?!” They said something, but I couldn’t hear them. So i rode and rode until I freaked out and got out. The bus driver remained silent, the bastard. He could have helped me a little. So I ended up getting a cab the rest of the way home. My first quote was between 200-500,000 won (20-50 bucks). I was gonna walk, but it was dark and scary so I opted for the cab. Thank goodness it only came out to 9,000 won. woot woot. I made it.

It was about 1:30 when I got home, and like clockwork I woke up at 6:30am still. Yawn. But will now.

Tonight I go out with Jen and Katie Teacher to their Gaelic football fundraiser in Itaewon. Oppa and Ajusshi are supposed to come, but we’ll see. Also, I might meet up with Falco for a little reunion. I’ll update.




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I love this blog.
I will be in Korea next week to begin my teaching career. So. I’, enjoying the insight.

Comment by Shawna

oh wow. thanks! haha. i always get excited when people who aren’t my parents read my blog. i’ll try to update more frequently to give u something to read..BUT since you’ll be here soon, i guess you’ll get to experience the madness that is SK yourself. Where ya gonna be located?

Comment by thetruththusfar

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