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I thought you were fat…but youre not.
October 4, 2008, 1:27 am
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note: i actually started writing this LAST weekend…but then I got lazy.

This weekend was interesting. That’s the best and only way to describe it…interesting.

On Friday I was renamed “Chocolate Pie” by one of my students. “Teacher, he called you ‘Chocolate Pie!” I didn’t even know how to respond to that. If that was supposed to be an insult it just came out so adorable. One of the guys at work said he’s going to put me in his phone as that, so that every time i call it can say “Chocolate Pie.” All the foreign teachers have started calling me that too which is pretty funny, and honestly I sort of like it.

Jen Teacher (R) and some other teacher

My hagwon decided not to be cheap and they let my manager take all the foreign teachers out for drinks. We went to a bar called WaBar close to work. They served American style things like nachos (which although they didn’t taste like nachos were actually pretty tasty) and smily face fries. I couldn’t imagine how much the tab was. I only had one beer but my coworkers managed to down at least 10 pitchers and all of 12 of them ordered their own chicken or sausage plater.

On Saturday I woke up early (again. jet lag still here.) and headed out for my first subway adventure. I need a cellphone…BAD…as I have a decent number of Korean “friends” from the English tutoring I’ve been doing online, but no way for them to contact me. Oh yea, and there’s the whole being a girl alone in a foreign country thing. The subway was clean, everyone sits really close together, and everyone pretends not to stare at me but I can see them whispering and averting their eyes. It was awkward for only the first 10 minutes but I adapted. Stare back at them. It freaks the f*** out of Koreans. Shy by nature, they’d rather you just didn’t notice them at all.



I ended up at Technomart in downtown Seoul (I say downtown liberally since Seoul is the largest city I’ve ever seen in my life). I heard foreigners could get cheap pre-paid phones there for like 40,000 won (40 bucks) and my poverty liked that idea. It is HUUUUUGE. About 11 floors of pure electronic madness. The Koreans are really mad on their technology, man. (Note: Every person on the subway…literally every person…was watching TV on their cellphones. Apparently there are tv towers in the subway stations so you get PERFECT reception). The cellphone floor was number 10 I think, and it there were hundreds and hundreds of vendors. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM staring at ME!! I was a little intimidated. All the whispering and pointing and shock on their faces as they saw me (the only black person I”ve seen in Seoul) actually coming to buy things from them. Nevertheless, neither their shock nor their lack of English skills stopped them from trying to rip me off. I ended up having a panic attack and running out the place.

Later, I met up with Ross (the owner of a language exchange cafe near Yeoksam station) at the cafe and chatted about my involvement with his establishment. Free food and drinks in exchange for just speaking English with the Koreans there. Sounded great to me! Plus he was wicked chill and really nice. He even offered to come with me next time I wanna try to get a phone. Also, next weekend I start my Korean lessons at his cafe….for FREE. Free! Ah nothing sounds better to a poor girl like me. Free. Let’s say it again…FREE. I’m so glad because I was prepared to have to pay out the nose for Korean lessons, but since Koreans are so mad on English I’m getting something for pretty much nothing. Also, Ross ( who is Korean btw) invited me to help them bake cookies 2 weekends from now…and they are even having a barbeque soon. Yay!

After that I met up with Rock, like i mentioned in my last post. He was…interesting… The first thing he said to me was “Wow, you’re thin. From your picture, I thought you were gonna be fat.” Needless to say I have since changed my profile picture. He wore pads in his shoes to make himself taller for when he met me. And speaking English to him was a lot like teaching my phonics class. We ate expensive sushi and after i was still starving. I’d say it was an unsuccessful meeting. I don’t think I’ll talk to him anymore.

Downtown at night

Downtown at night

Then on Sunday I met Lindsay (her English name) and she took me to a nice restaurant where we had bibimbap (or something like that). Bascially, its veggies and rice mixed together. Bibim (mixed) and bap is rice. Although I’m not sure bibim is spelled correctly. Anyway, it was sooo good. I got the spicy squid kind and absolutely loved it. Afterwards we went for a stroll along the river and just chatted about life and the lot. Good times.

Meh, I’m tired with this post. I started it a week ago hahaha but I’m just now posting it. I’ve lost interest and apologize for the fact that its BORING. I will try better with the next one.


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