The Truth Thus Far

Noona is so pretty….


School is actually going really well. I’ve stated teaching, and finally manged to get the kids to stop calling me “Africa-tika-tika” (I think the tika is teacher-teacher….but im not quite sure), and now its either “Pretty Teacher” or “America-tika-tika.” The “Pretty Teacher” is of course such a privilege considering that the other day they told Same Name (a girl with the same name as me) “Wow. What did you do this weekend? Did you eat too much? Why are you so fat. Wow. Fat teacher!” and told this other teacher Haircut that “That’s terrible. ::pointing and laughing:: What did you do to your hair?” So as you can see “pretty teacher” was pretty difficult to achieve. I’m so proud of me.
A few things I’ve noticed about teaching here
1. Every student has a better phone than I have had/will ever have.
2. They all wear glasses. I kid you not…like 80% of each class.
3. Candy fixes everything! Want them to shut up? Candy. Want them to have fun playing a game? Candy. Want them to call you “Pretty Teacher”? Candy.
4. They just don’t understand the idea of coming to the front of the class or drawing on the board. When I asked them they just looked at me like I’d told them to jump out of a window. BUT after a while they’d all warmed up.
5. If you’re even mildly entraining they’ll say, “You’re soooo much better than ‘Brandon Teacher'” (their old teach that bailed without even a note).
Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks

Eating Pop Rocks

Eating Pop Rocks

Also, I’ve come to the realization that none of them have ever had Pop Rocks. My sister was right, it scares the $#!+ out of em. I gave it as a prize in one of my classes and they couldn’t stop screaming. It was just about the coolest thing they’d ever seen. Pixie sticks too- you’d think I’d given them gold. I couldn’t get one class to concentrate after a dose of pixie sticks. They hadnt even eaten them yet. They just kept staring and asking “no, but what IS it.” When I said “pure sugar” they nearly fainted.
Some more pics of my classes.
my door

my door

Let’s see…what else. I’ve taken some pictures of my new apartment. I’ll take more once I clean it and get the smell out from its previous owners. They left some food in the fridge and I’m not sure how to dispose of garbage in Korea. I know they separate their garbage in some weird way…and I dont want to do it wrong and then be forced to go digging through someone elses old food. Here are a few pics of the view, my apartment, me in my apartment, etc…
Hmm..well thats about all I can think of post wise. On Friday I’m hanging out with Rock (from livemocha) and on Saturday I’m going to this language exchange cafe to sign up for free Korean lessons. You get free drinks and food if you’re a native English speaker. Then Saturday night its out to some Gaelic Football fundraiser with Same Name and Haircut. I’m not sure about Sunday…maybe I’ll hit up Itaewon and look for some fakes.

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