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Long Ride to a New Home
September 23, 2008, 3:26 am
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Incheon Airport

Incheon Airport

Note to self: Don’t pack muscle relaxers at the bottom of your carry-on, and don’t forget to take them out of your bag BEFORE the flight- especially when you’ve got a window seat. Woe was me for the first 6 hours of my flight as I restlessly attempted to convince myself that I could fall asleep naturally. Eighteen different possible sleeping positions later, and I was still wide-a-beeping-wake. Not to mention, I’d really wanted to sit next to someone awesome- someone that would make the 13 hour flight fly by more comfortably- but in the end I sat next to the two quietest friends I’ve ever seen in my life. How the beep to you fly over 5,000 miles next to a friend and never once talk to each other. NOT ONCE! So I gave up all hope in either of them striking a conversation with me.

They look cute...but then they just cry cry cry

They look cute...but then they just cry cry cry

I also learned that children are the same kind of annoying no matter what country they are from. Every squeal, shriek, and scream unfortunately didn’t sound any different from your average American tot, not that I had expected any different (but a girl can hope). Yup, they didn’t just sit quietly in their seats, bowing every time the flight attendant walked by…I wanted to kill them just as much as I would a child squealing in English…I’m an equal opportunity hater. Definitely- which leaves little hope for the middle school children I’ll start teaching this week (recalls the Supercamp Middle School debochal of 2005). Pray for me in all caps.

Secondly, do young people not fly anymore? No seriously, cold there have been any fewer people my age on that flight. It was such a snore.

(Side note: As we are writing some creepy blonde is starring in my direction trying to make some sort of “bond” over the fact that both of us are presumably stomping into uncharted territory. I hate it when people do that. Don’t ask…it just really irks me)

I’m still 3 hours away from touchdown. Anna has abandoned me, and I’ll be picked up at the airport by a driver. I either hope he speaks great English or none at all…I’m not in the mood for forced conversation.

I just saw a guy that looks like a shorter Dennis Oh. How refreshing. Another side note, what do you think the chances are of me running into Daniel Hennney? (and psh to all you nay sayers).

Okay, time to board. Another entry as soon as on Seoul I set a foot.



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