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Africa-Tika-Tika and my North Korean adventure
September 23, 2008, 10:39 pm
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My Apartment

My Apartment

Words can’t express the amount of horror that came over my face when Matt opened the door to my apartment. I couldn’t help but think…”Wait wait….this is South Korea, right?” as I noticed the brown stained walls, broken tiles, tilted kitchen (it was actually at a slant), broken furniture, smell of rotten kimchi, and duct taped sliding doors. No really, for a moment I thought I’d accidentally ended up in North Korea or 1940’s Soviet Russia. I kid you not. It was THAT bad. I wanted to cry for like 30 seconds…but then I spent the rest of the night laughing and talking to my oppas about my shock and dismay. They were…well not too comforting…

Me: My apartment is TERRIBLE.

Oppas: Yea, I was thinking it would be but I didn’t want to scare you.

Me: Wait…you knew it’d be like this??

Oppas: Yea, I figured it would be.

WHY WHY WHY didn’t they warn a sista? A heads up would have been nice. I almost shat myself when I walked into that apartment. Anyway, since then I’ve been moved. I think Matt felt pretty terrible about the whole thing and found away to get my flat chaged (it helped that two of my hagwons employees just made run for it…so I got their flat).

Yesterday was my first day of work. I’d had a total of 3 hours of sleep and was extremely jet-lagged. I was supposed to get a few classes worth of training, but because for the bolters they are having to rush me into the whole teaching thing. I start today (AHHHH!). Teaching the younger kids wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The middle schoolers were great and really excited about the whole learning things. The older they were the funnier they were, and I think my higher level speaking class is definitely going to be the most fun.
My lowest level class, a phonics class, might be a little trouble….especially if one of the students continues to call me “Africa-tika-tika”. I told him “I’m from America,” but he was essentially like “No, Africa-tika-tika.” We’ll see what I can do to reform that stupidity. He was no older than 8 so I have to give him slack. I also found out, in that class, that its GREAT to make the students read the word faucet. They say what sounds like “fuck it” with an English accent. Matt, who was training me, had them scream it out. “What’s the word?” “FOCK IT!” Only one of the kids actually got the joke and then he started screaming “Fuck you, Fuck you!” and flippin’ us the bird.

Anyway, today I go solo. Naturally, I’m freaking out a bit.

Lotte Mart (not my pic)

Lotte Mart (not my pic)

I went grocery shopping today at Lotte Mart. When I caught a cab I tried saying it the Korean way (which sounds like loa-te mart-uh) but the driver had no idea what I was talking about. I just wrote it down. It turns out that shops don’t open until way late in these parts…10am. I mean 10am isn’t late…but for a grocery store? Nevertheless I had to wait for an hour and a half. When I went inside I realized that they sell the exact same stuff that I always buy at Super H-Mart which made shopping really easy. I didn’t buy much though- just spicy udon and something else that looked delicious on the package. I must admit it though, things arent nearly as cheap as I thought they’d be. What’s this about living on $500 a month? I’m not so sure.

Anyway, I’m bored. So if youre Korean and you live in Seoul…contact me. Let’s hang out.


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