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Korean Pop Culture 101 Con’t: Drama Queen

The Result of Not Having a Life…

So what is a K-drama you ask? It’s like an American soap opera only it generally lasts around 16 episodes, higher quality, and mildly less over dramatic…kind of like a miniseries. Love. Lies. Heartbreak. All that jazz.

My Top 5

1. Goong

1. Goong

2. Coffee Prince

2. Coffee Prince

3. My Girl

3. My Girl

4. Full House

4. Full House

5. What Happened in Bali

5. What Happened in Bali

Iljimae would be on there…but stupid Crunchyroll (my drama paradise) took down the drama due to copyright infringement. I hate law abiders! I was only on Ep 7 or 20something!

To give credit where credit is due, Roomie was actually the one to introduce to the lovely world of K-dramas.

Here’s the way the story tends to play out.

See Video.


Girl meets a lower class guy with a tough exterior but a good heart and she can’t stand him. She hates him. He hates her. They bicker for the first 6 episodes or so. Until Episode 7 when the girl is somehow reunited with her sexy, doctor sunbae (university senior) or a Richy Mc. Richerson from somewhere in her past, and suddenly she’s swept away in his perfection. He starts showering her with attention, expensive clothes, fine jewelry, fancy restaurants…the whole shibang. Poor guy gets jealous and slowly starts admitting to himself that he’s really in love with the girl he’s pretended for 7 episodes to hate. The next 3 or 4 episodes the guy juggles with his feeling and tries to drop hints to the girl about his intentions, but some how communication errors and mix ups keep stopping them from being together just as you think something is going to happen. The rich guy is great, but the poor guy is so sensitive. Viewers side with poor guy (but lets be real…who would you choose?). Episodes 11-14 the girl starts realizing that money isn’t whats important…LOVE is important. This realization is aided by the fact that the rich guys mother doesn’t think the girl is good enough for her son…so she offers to pay her to disappear. So the girl, starting to feel like she’s pretending to be something she’s not, is actually falling in love with the guy she always feels like punching in the nuts. Episode 15 they confess their love to each other. Everything is going GREAT….they are about 2 seconds away from kissing…and then I don’t know…miscommunication…or the rich guy comes running in breaking them up…or the girl finds out she’s dying…blah blah..they don’t kiss. You’re pissed off. Episode 16 is spent just wanting them to be happy again already. You spend the entire episode in suspense. Even though every drama ends exactly the same you’re still biting your nails thinking, “Will they end up together.” They do. They kiss. The kiss is disappointing. The end. After spending 16 hours watching the drama you now feel an gaping void in your life…so you fill it with….another drama.

I don’t know why I love them so much…but damn…those things are guuuuuuuud. I won’t admit to how many I’ve watched this summer. You’d probably cry for me.

For any readers that have watched k-dramas…any favorites? Any added “rules for dramas”? Anything my friends/family should know about k-dramas?

More later…Ciao!



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how did you not stick in a picture of GOONG? shin ramen? i am going to singapore after my birthday! and visiting malaysia! also, you know in the coffee prince? the guy on the far right, lee eon, he passed away from a motorcycle accident this past august 😦

Comment by roomie

oh snap…i didnt even notice my goong picture was gone. I got it from some website and I think they must have deleted it…anyway…

i’ve known that guy from coffee prince died for aaaages. i read every day…religiously.

ah man…i wonder if i can find a cheap flight for you from malaysia or singapore to korea…i’ll look…maybe we can split the cost down the middle?? but of course this time ill pay first haha…and u can pay ME back. *^^*

Comment by thetruththusfar

omg i dont approve of your last 2.

popseoul is God.
along with
please get on that real quick.

You probs have more luck seeing Big Bang than Daniel Henney there.
speaking of delish daniel, i hope you saw that photoshoot of him kissing a girl in diff ways. ahhahahahha.

enjoy yourself!
dont forget to throw up asian victory signs up all day everyday.

Comment by Porter 2nd flr SA

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