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“I’ll try not to touch your”
September 18, 2008, 11:28 pm
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says the consulate interviewer...

says the consulate interviewer...

Today I had to go to the Korean Consulate in downtown Atlanta for my visa interview. After 20 minutes of driving and 30 minutes on the metro I finally made it to a small rinky dink office in a grand building near Peachtree Center. The collective English skills of all the employees at the consulate probably only amounted to grade 4 (and its only so high because I noticed an American girl working neatly tucked away in the back).

My interviewer was a nice, middle-aged Korean man who was frank about the fact that he thought the interview procedure was a waste of time- especially considering that the 3 other interviewees in the room with me were all from out of state (South Carolina & Tennessee). My ‘competition’ consisted of a creepy guy with a pedo-smile (short for pedophile smile) who had worked as a teacher before deciding to head to the SK, the dullest man on earth, and a skinny, pale studio art major that interviewer seemed to hate on site.

Before the interview started the interviewer explained that he would…

Try not to touch our privates.

I shit you not. Well, actually he said “I’ll try not to touch your,” but with his accent I was pretty sure that he had just pledged to possibly, maybe not sexually molest me at any point during the interview. It took every fiber of my 5’11” body not to do burst out laughing. I just gave a polite smile and started relentlessly tapping my foot. My chair kept banging into pedo-smile, but he was probably too busy thinking about little boys to care. In the end the interviewer told us we’d all get our visas by tomorrow….although he kept glancing down at skinny boys application like he wanted to just rip it up and eat it.

I liked the interviewer…but only because he clearly liked me the best. And because he didn’t touch my privates…cy. (What he had actually meant to say was, “I’ll try not to invade your privacy.”)

So now I’m officially set and ready to head over to Korea on Saturday!!!! Ah, I can’t bloody wait. I could be a lot more excited if I had done even a single bit of my packing. Not one thing is in my suitcase… Actually everything is in my suitcase… I havent unpacked since moving back home from college in June of this year.

Oh, and guess what? Great news…I mean the GREATEST. My seat got changed. Since I love wresting my head I picked a window seat…hoping I don’t end up too cramped..but anyway…victory. ASA!

Gotta pack a little now and get ready for Starbucks and WaHo with Player and Brazil. Our last one for a long while 😦



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p.s. i didn’t introduce you to k-dramas, i introduced you to ALL ASIAN DRAMAS. we must pay respect to the one j-drama that started it all, ichi ritoru no namida! and actually that stemmed from my obsession with nishikido ryo… but that’s ok. oh yeah, and sexy-beyond-belief mike he in his lame taiwanese drama… HEY! have you seen attention please yet? it’s the one about the ‘cabin attendants’ and it’s kinda whack but good (nishikido-kun is in it), and watch hana kimi (nakatsu suichi/ikuta toma love) and one more, absolute boyfriend/zettai kareshi. also, i want credit for the image above, you sexy gazelle, you.

Comment by roomie

i’ve already watched absolute boyfriend. i’ve started attention please but i kept getting bored….and i’ve been meaning to watch hana kimi but i haven’t gotten around to it yet.

haha..and yea, i forgot you took that picture.

here’s your stinkin credit!

Comment by thetruththusfar

i already miss you. have a safe flight, come back with all your organs intact, and try not to forget what waffle house tastes like.
i’ll do that money thing tomorrow morning. and by morning, i obviously mean post-noon.

Comment by brazil

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