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Friendless people are people too
September 17, 2008, 6:49 am
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Okay okay…so I have no friends anymore (other than Player and Brazil but they don’t count). I left Mount Holyoke and then suddenly…bam…utter loneliness and nights spent on language exchange websites begging people to let me teach them English so that my life can have meaning. What’s funny is that this new addiction has actually become pretty useful. It’s both minimized my fear of continued loneliness once hitting Korean soil and enabled me to teach foreigners phrases like “If you’re gonna act like a bitch, I’m gonna treat you like a bitch” and learn useful Korean words like 뷴태(sp?) byuntae (pervert). Plus, I’ve actually managed to make some pretty close buddies that I’m looking forward to meeting upon my arrival to Korea.


26/M/Busan. He lets me bother him all the time. I force him watch endless numbers of movies with me when I’m bored, and he humors me as I teach him ‘slang’ and continuously encourage him to study the urban dictionary. I’m supposed to be a sort of English tutor, but he’s not learning much as I only ever teach him bad words.


24/m/Busan. See this trend with Busan? The two people I talk to the most and would most like to meet live a 3 hour train ride away. Yoong Sung is going to take me out to eat live octopus! Yup, ALIVE. He’s also in love with the girl with the pink bikini top in Ne-yo’s “Can We Chill Video.” He asked me to bring her with me to Korea.

Take a look at the stuff he’s trying to convince me to eat!!!! I’ll probably do it, because I’m adventurous like that…but as I said…it looks like an alien and the aliens poo.

Hogi also says it’s delicious. It’s a sea cucumber…I can’t remember its Korean name…. Interesting, right?

Well those two are the only ones I talk to on a daily basis. I’ve tried tutoring a few other people but most of the were the exact opposite of interesting. GI Joe, a 21 year old guy currently serving in the military (military service is mandatory for 2 years for all healthy, adult males), is probably the only other guy I talk to on the regular, but I assure you that every person who ever has a conversation with me has automatically offered me their phone number and a meal. I’m hoping thats a sign of the hospitality to come.

I have a feeling that Couchsurfing is going to play a big role in my life there. I’ve already signed up for a few CS meetings and trips, and there are a few girls that live in my area that have offered to show me around. I can’t wait to experience CSing in South Korea. My experience in Europe was nothing but positive and the SK CS community looks pretty tight knit. CAN’T WAIT.


One other person I should mention…my friend Falco is also teaching in SK. I’m not sure where, but it’s only about an hour away. YAY! We were really good buddies back in our Mount Holyoke years and I’m excited to see her lovely, “beautiful” (inside joke) face again.

That’s all for now…till next time….


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